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Editorial Reviews. Review. I simply could not put this book down! This is a moving an inspiring must read! This unforgettable memoir is the basis for my new​.
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It takes a lot of guts to follow through on what you want in life. We all have our reasons for setting certain goals. You need to set your goals for yourself that you fully support without caring about what others will think about you. At the end of the day, you are your longest commitment.

However, many people make the mistake of having unrealistic expectations about the rewards and the benefits when they achieve their goals. Is it just one of the many goals that are needed to be accomplished or is it a goal that will make all the difference? We often underestimate our own abilities to achieve something huge. One of the main reasons is because we have always been taught from an early age to be humble and to conform ourselves to societies norms.

It was just normal. His website consists of personal development advice about the three fundamentals in life that we all need to live a happy life: love, success and wisdom. Take a look at his website or his Instagram. Lawrence Berry. This was a very interesting and mind-opening post. Accomplishing a goal can be a fulfillment booster, but when those goals does not better yourself or the world, it can do more harm than good. A goal should be something that put you closer to your dreams, and once you have accomplished something, you should strive to achieve the next thing.

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There can be negative goals and positive ones. Knowing the difference is crucial to satisfaction. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. It has definitely happened to me as a salesperson and entrepreneur.

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  5. Now as a CEO, I help my sales teams as well as my clients with increasing their sales ratio from what many salespeople would perceive as a dead lead. How you go to sleep each night sets the stage for how you wake up the next morning. Telling him how I failed to generate regular income from sources other than writing, and how I am drowning in 1 million dollars of debt. Turn back. You can no longer continue with your journey. Unfortunately, there are many such barriers on the path called life.

    It also happens that barriers like negativity are more on the paths which lead to the best destinations. Be it happiness, wealth, peace of mind, a great career, success in business etc. All these destinations are good and just because they are good, the path to them is full of barriers.

    Negativity however, is a special kind of barrier. Whereas you may find a barrier on a road that is undergoing construction, it is never the case with the barrier called negativity. The road under construction will become better and accessible after some time. But the path blocked by negativity will become worse and still remain blocked.

    First, that path will not be used by anyone, save for a few. As a result, it will soon grow weeds and probably turn into a thicket. Those who seek to walk it later will have extra work to do. They will have to clear the way before walking it. Such is the norm for roads less traveled. Secondly, being a barrier, negativity poses as an authority.

    Every authority seeks to be respected.

    5 Reasons Why Trying to be Successful Will Keep You Poor - Copyblogger

    If this authority is respected by many, it becomes difficult for someone to disrespect it. And if many people obey it, why not you? Either way, things have to change. Sooner or later.

    5 Reasons Why Trying to be Successful Will Keep You Poor

    Someone will come along and challenge negativity. Either through a face-to-face confrontation or by simply ignoring it and taking the path blocked. Negativity flows from people who have issues they have not fixed. They may have to go deep into their past to deal with the cause of problems.

    If the past is painful, they may not want to take this route. Maybe the effort required is just too much, so they think, and decide to maintain the status quo. At this point, it will be important to clarify something about negative people. This will also help you keep things in the right perspective.

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    Negative people are in need of help. Their negativity comes from something buried deep within. Unless that thing is dug out and dealt with, they will remain trapped in their negativity. This means they will continue producing negativity and affecting more people. Maybe your siblings, parents, cousin, spouse, children, the list is endless. There are many people out there who are vulnerable. So, since they need help, it would certainly be a good thing to get it.

    And if you can, go ahead and offer it.

    For example, if you are a psychiatrist, you can be of great help to them. The problem comes when you are friends with these people and you are still struggling to rise above your own situation. When you are starting your journey to success, you cannot afford to be around negative people. What you need is supportive and inspiring people. Negative people will simply suck passion, energy, creativity, confidence and everything else they can, out of you. Now that you know this, exercise some boldness, deal with negativity and achieve your goals. Since negativity expresses itself in many ways, here are 37 inspirational quotes to help you when it crosses your path.

    If you feel you cannot do it, achieve it, manage it, then you have made a decision about it. You think it is because someone told you so? It is because you believed the lie. If you allow people to talk you down or out of your goals, then they will. But you have the option of not allowing them to do that. To break this, make the opposite decision and assure yourself that you can do it. If he did, he would know that you could do it.

    This is a reminder about a very important thing to do when a negative person tries interfering with your goals. Just tell him to mind his own business. Anyone coming to feed you with talk of impossibilities is not worthy of your time. Many negative speeches center on your current situation. You better settle where you are and be content with life. Have you ever heard of successful startups which began with no money? Success starts in your head. More specifically, your mind.

    What you decide to see matters and shapes your perspective. Your perspective determines how you act or respond to challenges. In the case of this quote, do you see a thorn bush or a rose bush? Either way, there are roses and thorns. Your eyes will be fixed on the roses and you may probably not be pricked by the thorns. As a barrier, negativity thrives on lies. Lies you have believed which cause you to be held back by them.

    This quote seeks to correct one of the lies you have believed. A good reason why you tolerate negative people is probably because you think leaving them means you hate them. Whereas they may even have told you this if they noticed you withdrawing from them, you need to just do that— leave them. This is because negative people suck everything out of you, including life itself.

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    This is simple practical advice that is sure to work. You want to achieve your goals? Just stay away from the wrong company. You know them and their habits. You also know that they somehow look for people to infect with their negativity.