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Breznitz, dir. Homans, G. Hussein, R. Ibarra, H. Nohria et R. Eccles dir. Ibarra H.

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Jacques, J. L Bergeron, N. Jacques et L. Johns, G. Jourdain, S. Jurkovitch, R. Kanungo, R. Katz, D. Kipnis, D. Krackhardt D. Kreitner, R et Kinicki , A. Labrie, S. Landry, S. Laroche, R. Lawler, E. Lazarus, R. Lemoine, C. Levine, J. Psychologie sociale, Paris, puf , Levy-Leboyer, C.

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Psychologie des organisations, Paris, puf. Lewin, K. Marcil-Denault, E. Mecanic, D. Miles, M. Mintzberg, H. Mobley, W. Moos, R. Morin, E. Mortimer, T.

De lorganisation sociale (French Edition)

Moullet, M. Mowday, R. Muchielli, R. Muti R. Nelson, R. But again it was soon detected by U. This exit would make it even harder to get through to Ca Mau in the future. Judging from recent internal studies of the Vietnamese People's Army, the American naval blockade of the Vietnamese coast was effective between and , if not until During this period, Brigade found it almost impossible to get through to southern Vietnam.

Many of its vessels were blocked, damaged, or sunk by the enemy. Others, faced with imminent capture, were intentionally destroyed by the crew in order to avoid loosing their cargos to the enemy or revealing the nature of 's operations. All seven boats had to fight their way back out of Vietnam to reach the South China Sea. Brigade supplied only tons of arms for the total period. In early , for example, the DRV General Staff hoped to supply the Tet offensive via sea borne missions as well as by land of course.

However, of the five vessels sent, four were lost each with as much as tons of arms.

In , Brigade organised 15 missions, but only 5 succeeded. The situation must have been simply critical between and early , when the U. According to Vietnamese statistics, between October and April , hardly any of the 20 vessels dispatched by Brigade penetrated the blockade successfully. This may help to explain why it was so important for the DRV to complete in December a secret oil pipeline running from the Chinese border to the southern province of Thu Dau Mot. Desperate, southerners took matters into their own hands.

In , MR 9 in the far south established its own maritime supply operation, named S. In response to these southern demands, the deputy head of the General Staff, Nguyen Don, approved a new sea borne logistics plan. A series of steel vessels were procured and outfitted to go wide into the South China Sea in order to supply zone 9 from either the eastern side of Vietnam's southern tip or from the western side in the Gulf of Thailand. Other ships supplied MR 9 via trips leaving from coordinates calculated off the island of Poulo Condor.

Between and , S. In this context, one can better understand why other supply routes had to fill the gap.

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  • The overland Ho Chi Minh trails had to compensate more than ever for the closure of the maritime route. It was essential to extend the land route as far southwards as possible in order to keep the southern effort alive militarily, economically, and even medically. This had occurred in , when American attempts to deny sanctuaries in Cambodia to their Vietnamese opponents led to a breakdown in relations with Cambodian Prince Sihanouk.

    In May shortly after the Vung Ro incident , the mercurial prince severed diplomatic relations with the US. They would not be restored until Convinced that the communists would win in Vietnam and determined to indebt the DRV to him instead of the nascent Khmer Rouge, Sihanouk allowed the DRV to run supply missions to western Nam Bo via the port of Sihanoukville and across eastern Cambodia.

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    Thanks to this shift in foreign policy, a new sea borne trail to Nam Bo was opened for the DRV at the very moment that the one feeding southern Vietnam from the eastern face had been closed and when route was still very far from supplying all of Nam Bo from the western side of the Annamese Cordillera. Whatever the reasons, the DRV owes an enormous strategic debt to prince Sihanouk for leaning its way between mid and The port of Sihanoukville was an excellent logistics point.

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    4. Book Illustration: 3800000 BCE to 2020 CE.

    It was a modern deep-water port that had been constructed between and in order to reduce Cambodia's reliance on the Mekong flowing through lower Vietnam. The French had financed the building of the port, while the US helped build Route no. Since the war against the French, Vietnamese communists had always understood the importance of access to Cambodia to run the war in southern Vietnam.

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    It supplied above all the B2 theatre encompassing all of Nam Bo and the five provinces of southern Trung Bo. Determining the exact amount of arms and ammunitions provided to southerners via Sihanoukville is tricky. The sources are sometimes contradictory and vague. It is in sacrifice, the gift of self, the blood and the sweat that we will get out of it. By the way the buyer and seller was the same person: it was the francafrique. Today with the arrival of the emerging, it is therefore an obvious that the African is seduced by this new type of offer that certainly continues to raid Africa but in less worse, less aggressive, less donor of lesson, a little "more fair" And without outpouring of blood..

    It begins by demonize the new partners of Africans, "China will bless you" etc.. State blows, armed rebellions formed funded.. But since that date, this technique is exhausted, the new technique they have found is terrorism followed by the military occupation that will force the countries "saved from terrorism" to concede all their contracts on raw materials to the west rather than at More offering, whether it's Chinese Turkish, Indian, Iranian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Korean, etc.. Terrorism precedes the military occupation that precedes the primacy of contracts and the continuity of looting.

    Followed by troops like in mali with the leader who can no longer say a word for fear of the return of terrorism, his country becomes a kind of western protectorate These are today small candidates with yet programs and Good intentions but with very little audience to be able to reach the mass. Ping vs Bongo, katumbi vs Kabila, zinsou vs heel, etc It's the same. It's no longer useless to vote, we need a revolution. This continent is being assaulted, and aggression has become even more violent since they feel the Chinese presence and feel their interests more than ever threatened.

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    The World War is taking place in Africa, there are no other words. The winner will control the vital raw materials. Terrorist groups coming everywhere in Africa. We went from not even 3 in to at least 15 in , and that descend more and more from the north to the south to the point of hearing about beni in the Congolese Equatorial Forest, It is no longer a chance, it is well piloted from the outside to create the disorder in Africa and then come to occupy it militarily and recolonize Africa.

    Every African must become aware of what is happening and choose now to organize to resume the total control of its vital space or to disappear. True decolonization is now. It's time for tribal chiefs, those who have nothing to do with the head of state Venus from Saint Cyr Paris, or Chicago, Boston Massachusetts with the brain completely drowned by soft power. Leave to see each other in secret at night and use all the science that Africa possesses and unknown of the colon. It's time to attack and get released really.