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The Space Race with Russia was a difficult and daunting task, and when one Russian astronaut rounded the moon, Kennedy delivered a great and powerfully moving speech February 20, , after John Glenn completed the first orbit around the earth about space and the certainty that America will get to the moon first. After this speech it is have been said that NASA officials suddenly panicked when a given due date by the speech, was in effect. Furthermore the timing and way Kennedy was shot could only have been orchestrated by multiple parties.

And yes, there is more. The K. In a time where even though slaves were freed by Lincoln almost 90 years ago, racism was very relevant and strong in America. During Kennedys proposals to make tax reforms and civil rights movements, brought the attention to racists everywhere. Although they have never directly linked the KKK with the assassination, it still proves to be a factor.

The Shooting itself concludes even more of a puzzling story. The way JFK was shot brings hard questions to the line.

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The final one has been believed to have stopped his life short. Coming from all directions it is believed that there were multiple shooters. On November 22, , President Kennedy was driving down the street in a motorcade of about 6 cars when right as they passed the book depository, boom, the first shot, rendered Kennedy down, but did not kill him.

The second shot, which also may have killed Kennedy shocked and surprised Jacqueline, but the third shot not only shot the president, but spread his brains around everyone in the car that day. If you look at the tapes, you can see officers in the Secret Service standing around. This would never happen. There would be men on the roof tops, and every building would be checked out prior to the parade.

What brings even more confusion is the hours after his death, in Dallas center hospital, when Adam Saratoga, a doctor at the hospital remembers all the men in the operating room. I was being shoved, and 3 men tried to stop me from touching or doing anything to the president. They then took the body, and left the hospital. Many people were present at the parade.

How can a mystery so great, and so in depth have no leads or clues to what really happened? A total of 6 cameras captured film that day, all were home video cameras. And although someone caught the final bullet on film, of which spread his brains out across Dealy Plaza, no one caught a clear enough image showing suspicious activity, or anyone in that matter.

However while seeing the diagram at the end of the project, as mentioned in Historys Mysteries- The Kennedy Assassination, camera 5 captures the shady fence, where an outline of a person is seen. Although no figure can be made out, the same camera also shows another woman filming the whole thing- the only problem is that this woman never came forward with the tape, to anyone, ever. Another troubling factor is the police officer, James Farley standing by the grassy knoll, where the outlined figured is presumed to be.

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I heard the shots and noticed the smell of gunpowder coming from the South of the book depository. I had told my chief of my precinct, but it was never recorded. Had the shot other shot some from the fence? It can never be known but this mystery still remains. Kennedy, a young aspiring president, who showed equality, strength, open mindedness, and great knowledge, was the ideal president. A graduate of Harvard, a war veteran, a conservative, and a superior politician, John Fitzgerald Kennedy may have been the best president our great country has ever had. What can bring someone to shoot this great leader, who brought equality to African Americans, and avoided the end of the world during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

It can never be really known. With its poor report of the assassination, much evidence and witnesses of the tragic day in Dealy Plaza now gone, this may be a mystery only heaven can solve. During his involvement with other women, or the mob also may have sparked a conspiracy, and multiple shooters are proven to be present. Without Kennedy, we went through the Vietnam war, a tireless effort that achieved nothing.

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This would not have happened if Kennedy was shot. Furthermore, the if the Kennedys didnt have such a bad string of luck, maybe Robert or John junior could have been president, because right now Bush is ruining America. Despite all the speculation, the assassination was a terrible thing, and the following investigation was even worse. In all the turmoil, it can never be known what really happened. Figure 1 Lynden B. Johnson being sworn in after the news of Kennedys death.

Abraham Lincoln - Assassination Conspiracy - Biography

Figure 3 -Moments before his death in Dallas. Bibliography 1. Assassination of Robert F. Human , the most superior and the highest value of the world. I don't use social media, but then my use of legacy media is very limited, and mostly through RSS feeds which don't have advertising. Now I know not everybody is me, nor should we expect large groups to be as circumspect.

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The fact is that what is being called 'Big Tech' serves a very different purpose than legacy media, and while one may support the other, they are not in any way interchangeable. Nor are their income sources. Did the buggy whip manufacturers try to discredit the automobile industry? All sorts of silliness went on. Every legacy industry tries to make it's likely successor out to be the reason the Sky Will Be Falling. If they can get section repealed, and make platforms liable for what is published on them, they will have killed the competition to their business model, and that is self publishing.

They are businesses set up for curated publishing, which the self publishing and social media platform are not,. And, the whole copyright reform stupidity in the EU was another example of the legacy publishing industry trying to screw the same. They don't even need to repeal it - just twist and misrepresent the nature of what the protections are and when they apply So just like their work to shill for the EU copyright directive - nothing but lies and projection against Tech.

Don't the legacy media also enjoy the same protections from section IE: they publish a story online and have a comments section available for the story.

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  • They are protected the from liability the same as google, faceboot, et al They are free to moderate the comments as the wish Just like Katy perry. An internet turned completely noninteractive only hurts them if they have the idea to expand and renew their 18th century business model.

    It looks like the news companies are just pointing to have the power now but are not considering who really took their potential money.

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    Removing social media will not make people start reading more news from them, and the other ads that they had and were lost to craiglist are now poisoned by FOSTA. Even if they succeed in repealing section , it will not make people start accessing them with the time that would have been spent on other platforms. Without section , youtube, facebook, and twitter will cease exist as they are, but it will only spawn a new model where each user own its page and it is liable by its content while the old platforms became more like CDNs and keep monetizing them as it has been doing.

    The new laws in the eu ,article 13 are an attack on facebook,google ,tech start ups user generated content ,by old legacy media companys , So we cant beat you in the market, we,ll tie you up in a maze of red tape.

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    And each eu country will have its own version of the laws. So All websites that can be acessed in the uk must be suitable for a 12 year old child. Dont show any news clips about mass shooting,s , or police brutality , you might upset a minor. They don't dumb down articles for simpletons so much.

    Eagle Forum's Phyllis Schlafly Leaves A Legacy Tied to Conspiracy Theories

    In the US, one news outlet writes a story and a few hours later, the people at the other US news outlets have read it and rewritten what they've read and repeated the same misinformation with their own spin. The Intercept would be an alternative, but their website is unbearable to use. If that is so, you will be able to identify actual documents and quote the evidence, as it is not our job to find it for you.

    You don't. I went through the documents. They do not prove what you think they prove. They only prove that people like you making those claims are complete gullible idiots. Well, limp Dick's return to dipshilling in support of that false narrative weighs toward a "yes. Have a Techdirt Account?

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